Monday, July 26, 2010

The Bride and The Gaggle

What does a gaggle of geese providing a honking serenade during your wedding ceremony mean? Well, only time, and my sister will tell. Saturday she was married to her beloved fiance of three years in a lovely setting; on the water, at sunset and with close friends and family. The geese showed up on their own, and of course right when the nuptials were beginning and the pastor (who is also now her father-in-law) had to pause at each pass of the honking aviary troop. Not just once, or twice, or even thrice; no! But four times! Later my husband pointed out that it was the same gaggle, making passes. Ha!

My sister's heavily pregnant 19 year old daughter served as bridesmaid, and also as lunch for the pile of ants she realized she was standing in. The youngest bridesmaid (and her other daughter) walked not down the aisle, but down the side of the entire scene of the wedding, and swung around as if it was her mission to arrive in stealth and surprise the wedding guests. There were multiple toddlers in the audience losing patience with waiting for their dinner and half of which were screaming. I held my own throughout most of the ceremony. At one point, I looked out over the audience to see my quite large and silly brother-in-law; two toddlers in tow on his big arms, walking and pacing the back of the crowd. The entire time, their musical selections for the different parts of the ceremony kept skipping and we heard the same 2 seconds of the song over and over. It was quite a comical experience, and a HOT one too. It's July. And Florida. Enough said. This bridesmaid was melting.

It made me think about the episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte has her second wedding to Harry, and everything goes wrong. She nearly falls on Samantha's pearls, Harry can't break the glass after the ceremony, Charlotte spills wine on her beautiful dress, Miranda nearly lights herself on fire while giving a speech at the reception, and Carrie is in the middle of extreme awkwardness; a thrown out back and a disgruntled groomsman. Carrie reminds Charlotte in the bathroom, that she had a perfect wedding with Trey, but a not so perfect marriage. Maybe the wedding being not so perfect meant good things for their marriage. She succeeded in perking Charlotte up and she enjoyed the rest of the day.

With that thought in mind, I think the honking wedding guests may have been trumpeting their approval of the nuptials and giving them a comedic good luck sendoff. It's true that laughter is carbonated joy. Nothing in life is perfect, and I'm sure my sister knows that from her previous not perfect marriage. She deserves a happy and good marriage, and I'm glad that she's finally got it.

CONGRATULATIONS MR. & MRS. WILLIAMS! The Marriage Geese Approve!


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  1. Fun post! Great stories rise out of conflict, and wedding stories are no different! Personally, I got sick on my wedding day, and so did my two sisters on theirs. I know nobody who had a perfect wedding, but you're right--it totally reflects life, i.e. the rest of the marriage which IS life.

    Those geese do sound like a good omen!