Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dreams, Master Chief & Book Ideas

Do any of you use dreams as inspiration for your books? I have ultra vivd dreams and have had some pretty amazingly awesome ones, I've predicted events in family and friend's lives, and then I get terrible nightmares.

I had one last night, but strangely this time I didn't wake up feeling freaked out. It was like I was watching a movie while I was asleep. And it was really weird. I don't want to scare anyone, but I will tell you the protagonist was Master Chief from Halo. That was pretty awesome. Maybe that's why I wasn't scared? I knew my boy would get my back.

Yes I am a reformed Halo junkie. When it first came out (2002 I think?) I was addicted. I saw a commercial for it on TV one day and KNEW I had to play the game. This was before I had kids so you know, lots of time to kill. My friends and family ended up getting me an X-box for my birthday that year, along with a copy of Halo. I was *over the moon*! I played that game so much I could beat it on Legendary no problem. And I had an uncanny ability to throw a perfect grenade almost every single time. Plasma grenades stick to baddies too so that was always fun. Once I had my first son I cut back on that activity quite a bit. (Hello reality!) But by then we had played it so much that our X-box would only play Halo; it refused to read any other game. Good X-box.

Said X-box is now dead and in pieces in a brave attempt by hubby to fix it. I'm scared to think if we ever get a new one that I'll then be sucked into Halo 3. Lord help my laundry if that were to happen. Obviously I don't make getting one a priority.

I hope Master Chief comes to all my nightmares, because he is such an ultra awesome BA that I know he's gonna win. And he did.

I've often thought of putting my dreams into book ideas because they're just so wild sometimes. But I don't know that I want to write horror and contribute to freaking people out. Maybe just the happy dreams will make it to my Idea Bank.

Happy Sleep/Writing!

Peace ;)

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