Saturday, July 31, 2010

Freeing my creativity, and a baby maybe?!

So I have to admit this week I'm feeling a wee bit of a lack of writing inspiration. I've been focusing my efforts on assisting hubby in his job search; a most important yet mechanical endeavor. He wrote his resume; I helped him with grammar, editing and formatting. I've been scouring local and internet resources for openings that suit him and submitting his resume to said openings. All this has left me in a bit of a creational void for myself. The few times I've sat down to write, I feel so spent that I come up with nothing. It's important that I focused some of my energy into helping him because it means our livelihood and the continuation of our one working family lifestyle. I love helping him, I just have been so honed in on "job search" that there isn't anything left for me!

That being said, my efforts to help him are coming to fruition. He had a great interview on Friday and hopefully another next week for a position that will pay a bit more than he makes now. So that's encouraging to me because all this real life work has left me tired. I long to go back into my imagination.

Now that the majority of my contribution is subsiding, and all I am doing is keeping an eye out for new positions, I find myself needing, no BURNING to get back to my writing. I miss the satisfaction I get when I sit down, zone out and just write.

The month of July has been so busy for our family; my son's 6th birthday, my niece's baby shower, my sister's wedding, out of town relatives from North Carolina visiting and now we're eagerly awaiting the birth of my Great Niece. I'm 31 and about to be a great aunt. Wow. Things are finally calming down and aside from the birth and continued job search for hubby that's as much as I have to worry about. School starts back up next month so that will give me some more time for writing.

I'm finally through the thick of it. Now I have to put some work back into my own craft. My soul desperately needs it!

**I just got a call from my sister, my niece may be in labor. She just arrived to the hospital to be monitored. I may become a Great Aunt today!**


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