Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Love Paper

So maybe I'm weird, but I LOVE the way paper smells. Whenever I pick up a new book to read, I have to smell it first. I love the way paper feels. And I like to write old school letters to my Grandparents, on paper. My Mom said I should have been a librarian and also: I'm weird. To me it's perfectly normal.

How about the rest of you literary geeks? Do you love paper too?

Unfortunately I can't smell right now because I have a cold, which my youngest son so generously shared with me. So no use of smelling abilities, and I also have razors and lava in my throat. Fun!

Also, on the subject of paper, why is it so hard to find stationary now? Maybe I haven't found the right store, but I've combed through a couple and can't find actual stationary, it's all invitations and such. So frustrating!! I think there's a fancy stationary store in the expensive mall, but I'm a little nervous to go in there. It's location alone tells me it'll be pricey and I don't know if I can be trusted in a paper store.

Ok so maybe I am weird.


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