Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Waiting Game

Well I've gone and done it. I've gotten my first children's PB manuscript completed and polished after at least 1 million revisions, and sent it off into the so-called "slush pie". I'm hoping it doesn't just sit and coalesce in the slush; I feel confident it's a highly imaginative children's story and has the capability to sell to the younger market. Not to mention the potential for an illustrator collaboration! I have absolutely no abilities in the area of visual art so if it's accepted, that is a key element I will need. I've spent a lot of time researching the market and agents and finally sent of a total of 3 queries so far. I've heard it's a rare thing to get a "Yes!" on your first query so I'm hoping I can at least get some constructive feedback from the agents. It's a humbling thing in the least to be in this position and I feel honored to at least have a sliver of a chance to contribute to the world of books!!

It can take years to get an agent or to even get published, but for those of us who simply LOVE to write and create magical tales for the awesome kids on this planet, then it's a waiting game I'm willing to play! There's so many great books out there already so it can feel really intimidating to be up against such kid lit genius, but confidence is the key! Perseverance is a must as well, so for anyone aspiring to get published, keep at it!! Keep writing, keep revising and be open to change. If you get a no, that's ok because that no may be accompanied by some solid advice to hone your story. Listen to it! The agents in the business know the market, and they're a doorway to the publishing world. Unless you've got connections with a publisher already, you need an agent!! Do your research and make sure they're reputable, and remember NEVER pay an agent up front! If they make and offer of representation, and sell your manuscript, they typically take about 15% off of the deal. That's where they get their paycheck, so they're highly motivated to pitch your manuscripts! Check out this article from Editorial Ass.

Keep writing, keep imagining and don't give up. There's nothing more satisfying than to create something that can do good in the world. If you could use some brushing up on grammer consider taking some online classes or workshops. Also, if you write for kids, consider becoming a member of SCBWI. Go to a conference, mingle and meet the pros in the business. Join a critique group. Just remember to stay true to your craft, and continue to grow and learn!

Happy Writing!

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