Friday, July 23, 2010

When it rains.....It Ain't Playing

You know the old saying, "bad things happen in threes?" Well we hit number three yesterday. Here's what happened:

1.) Lost the diamond out of my wedding band in a waterpark last week

2.) Lost my Pell Grant over bureaucratic red tape at local college, appeal denied. (Despite 4.0 GPA)

3.) Hubby lost his job yesterday.

At least he's able to work 2 more weeks and then is being offered a generous severance package, so it isn't abrupt. Which I am very thankful for considering he's the SOLE breadwinner. That's right. I currently do not create any income. I'm working on it, and hence my diving into the slush pile. But I know that can take quite some time to come to fruition. And so I am now faced with the possibility of having to rethink our current way of life, and possibly return to the rat race myself. Not something I want to do, considering my youngest is only 20 months old and I am personally uncomfortable with daycare. We had tried the two parent working family setup before and it didn't work for us. My oldest son at the time was just about a year old and for the 7 months I worked (while pregnant with my daughter) he had severe ear infections the whole time. I'm talking 105.4 degree fevers, blood busting out of his ears, middle of the night screaming sessions, and barely a few days between illnesses. He had tubes in by 16 months and it was really scary for us. We hated seeing him so miserable and felt helpless at times. There were many nights in the ER, and many many scripts that poor kid had to endure. I eventually quit and took him out of daycare, and what do you know, his health improved dramatically. So the thought of putting my baby in daycare gives me chills.

My husband is amazing, and didn't deserve to be let go, but alas the company he's been at for 6 years is hitting some financial issues, (and who isn't in this economy?) so they had to make some choices. He and about 5 other people were let go yesterday. I have been having a nagging feeling it was coming, and so did he, to an extent. But he's got 11 years of experience in his field, (IT) he's smart, professional and a people person, so I'm confident he can find something else soon. And his company offered letters of recommendation and gave him rave reviews; there were even some tears. It's hard for me too because back in my pre-mother days I used to work there. The place is more like family to me, and I'll miss seeing them all too. It was a good run, and we met some great people. :( **Shedding da tears....**

I will continue to be his biggest supporter and do whatever I can to help him and our family. I've decided to assert myself to the fact that this CAN be a positive thing for us, and perhaps lead him into a brighter path for our collective future. And I will keep writing, and getting my work out there. But my practical self that I like to ignore gently reminds me that it's time to dig out the ol' resume, dust it off and have it on standby.

Here's to the future. I may not know what it holds, but I wil face it with determination, positivity and faith!

Love to you all!

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