Monday, August 16, 2010

In which I received my first rejection: on Friday the 13th

On this past Friday the 13th, I received my first rejection letter from an agent. It was a courteous (albeit form) rejection, and to be honest I appreciated getting a response at all. It's better than wondering if you were just lost in the slush pile for all of eternity.

And it's all good. I had a twinge of disappointment, but all together, I didn't feel discouraged as I expected to be. It's ok! I will keep writing, revising and making an effort. After all, a call to write is in the blood and can't hardly be ignored for any reason, especially a frivolous one. And so I trudge on, with carpal tunnel as my constant companion! ;)

On a personal note, I am happy to report my husband as a second interview with a local hospital this coming Wednesday. It's a great position and we're hoping said interview results in an offer! *fingers are crossed*

My niece is stil pregnant and ready to do just about anything to get that baby out. I am getting anxious to meet my little great niece as well! I took advantage of tax free weekend and got all the kids' school supplies and clothes for the upcoming year. One more week to go!

I've been on a reading binge lately and along with job searching, have been neglecting my writing more than I would like to admit. But I just did so the cat's out of the bag! But I am happy to announce that I completed Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights and I was blown away by it. I've always loved tragic stories and this one was beautiful, haunting and poignant. Well done, Ms. Brontë, well done.

I'm nursing a bit of a migraine today so I've got to keep it short. Until next time, my friends.


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