Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Money Mucks Up Everything

So today I learned a valuable albeit crappy lesson. Never get in the middle of two people about a money issue. Especially if they're family.

Basically what happened is this. My sister got married a couple weeks ago. One of my brothers sent a check as a gift for her, but mailed it to me. So I endorsed it, mailed it to her. No big deal. Today she called me and said his check bounced and asked me to let him know (since I talk to him more often). Ok no big deal again. So I did. And he came back with the craziest stuff.

He basically accused her and possibly myself of just trying to finagle more money out of him. Wow. Paranoia is a word that comes to mind. Of course I got my feathers ruffled because I had no such intention; I was only playing messenger. So I shot back some of my classic sarcastic harshness that tends to come out of me when I'm angry. And what did he say? Oh I was expecting a fight, but he folded his hand.

He wrote me off. Over a measly $50 check that wasn't even mine. Basically said he doesn't want anything to do with me. Now that's some serious cowardice right there if I ever saw any. Can't take the heat? He doesn't just run outta the kitchen, he demolishes it on his way out the door. What siblings don't have a good fight now and then? I've had plenty with my other ones and we're all just dandy and know each other the better for it.

It's sad but interesting too, and gives me some insight to all kinds of issues in someone's personality that I can use for my writing.

Live and learn.

Oh and by the way, still no great niece yet. She's still stewing, for now.


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