Sunday, August 29, 2010

My cookies bring all the boys to the table...

And they're like, it's the best cookie ever.

I have an epic cookie recipe. I made it up myself when I was about 16, and every person I've ever served them to goes crazy. One guy, in all the seriousness he could possibly muster said, "This is the best cookie I've ever had in my life." He looked like he was about to cry. I make them regularly to bribe my Dad and Husband. So I've been wondering......

How can I make that work for me? Here I am facing no income in October and so far neither hubby or myself have been able to find employment. And yeah, that's getting really annoying, discouraging and frustrating. I can't even count how many resumes we've submitted, and only one bite each so far. He was not selected for the position he interviewed for, but at least he was informed of this so he could move on. My one interview so far has resulted in a, "We'll be in contact this week.", with no more contact. And yes it's been over a week. I'll take that as a no, because I have no time to waste waiting for your said no. I've got three kids to support.

We're facing the choice of either moving in with my parents, who live about 15 minutes away, so not too far from our kids' schools so I can still drive them. My son is on special assignment at his school so as long as we stay in the county it doesn't matter where we live. My daughter is going to a private preschool (VPK) so again, no big deal about moving in the county. My parents have a 4 bedroom house with plenty of space and they both do well financially so their offer of living quarters is well within their means. But I am afraid after the novelty of having three of their grandkids living with them wears off, we'll only get on their nerves. They're used to living alone and have been for about 10 years now since they got rid of the last of us kids. Plus, we will lose a certain amount of privacy, which seems whiny but when you've been living on your own for 11 years, feels like a big deal. Oh, and my Dad hates cats, so I couldn't take my kitties. My oldest we've had since he was a baby, and he's 10 now so I really have no intention of leaving him high and dry. He is so sweet and meows like a baby, and is B-E-A-utiful. He's also quite good at killing vermin. Which leads me to...

Option #2. Hubby's Dad's family up in North Carolina has a farm up there, and although not a farm used for their living or big, it's still pretty much a farm. They have chickens, cows and grow vegetables. In the past year or so some of the older relatives have passed, and his Great Aunt's house is unused at the moment, and we have a good chance of being able to move in there and start fresh in a new state. Hubby has a genetic green thumb and he's always wanted to live in such a setting and I think he could do quite well with encouraging vegetables to grow. He spent summers on that farm as a kid and it holds a lot of happy memories for him. I've visited quite a few times and it's really very nice up there, and the people are all so kind. In this city, not so much. In fact as time goes by, I'm becoming more and more tired of this city and the crappy politicians and violence and what not. We've always wanted to move to a new state and have our own "adventure". Is this the window to do it? It's not how we envisioned it to happen; we always thought it would be when we were ready to go, with a big wad of cash. But life can be tricky like that. Plus the kids would have a much bigger adjustment, although much more land to roam free and get dirty like we did back in the day.

Which brings me back to my cookies. I've been thinking maybe I could sell them to make some money for the family, but seeing as how I live in a state that prohibits home bakeries, I'm not sure how I could make that fly. I could rent kitchen time somewhere, but I can't afford it. Catch 22. I know North Carolina allows home bakeries. And I know my cookies could sell, I just need some deli owner to sample them and agree to buy stock for their store. Or maybe open my own at some point. Also, I make super yummy toasty sandwiches, lasagna, shepard's pie, beef stew and lots of other yummy stuff. Yes I cook country. I was raised in the South, so I didn't have much of a choice as far as that goes!

I think I need to sit down and make a pro and con list. You see, we do still have some time, but I don't want to wait til that time is up and then have nothing. I feel like we need to decide something before the feed bucket is empty, you know what I'm saying?

If anyone has some suggestions/advice I would love to hear it. Until then, the #greatjobhunt2010 continues here at our current home. Who knows, maybe he'll land a job that pays good like his last one. Anyone need an IT guy? ;)

*jumps up and down on resume in exasperation*


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