Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cooking, Worms and Grannies

Ok, I have to admit I haven't been cooking out my Julia Child's cookbook. I know, I am naughty, however I am admitting it and that's the first step. I have utilized quite a few of her techniques, though and she rocks!! Her basic knowledge is amazing; for instance I now know when the butter is just right for browning meat. We've been on a bit of an Italian and Cajun kick around here, and so I haven't tried another Julia recipe as of yet, but will be soon!

Today it's my awesome Step-Dad's Louisiana Red Beans & Rice! Yummmmy!

Also, I've been a bit distracted as of late because my kitten got tapeworms this week, although I have no clue how since he gets Frontline every month. He was sick when I got him back in October and I got him dewormed and vaccinated then. So I've been dealing with that, and got him and the older kitty treated at the vet, and got some Revolution. My conclusion is that Frontline sucks!!

My Grandma is also very sick and in hospice about 12 hours away from me and I've been debating pulling my oldest from school and going there, but don't know if I can make that drive by myself with a 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old. Hubby just started his new IT job a month ago and he doesn't need to be taking time off already, especially in this economy. So I'm pondering the logistics of the situation and getting updates from my Father on her condition. She has Alzheimer's and seems to have just given up; she refuses to eat. She refused a feeding tube. It's against her wishes to have that sort of life saving procedure done, and stated in her living will. So it's a really sad situation and I'm a little gloomy about that right now... I haven't lost a Grandparent in 20 years and still have 3 alive and well. I was just hoping it would stay that way for some time.

Anywhoooo, don't mean to be the party pooper! I'm off to my delicious dinner and kitchen cleaning.

Au revoir!

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