Sunday, January 9, 2011

I made soup and became DICING LORD!

The Potage Parmentier was good. It was light and creamy and the taste was delicious. That being said it was more meticulous than I had anticipated, and required a lot of tending. I'm used to a homemade soup being thrown into a pot and simmering half the day until it's ready and yummy, not much fuss. But, it was neat to learn some extra steps and I learned the coolest thing EVAR!

How to dice onions the RIGHT way. Julia says in her book, once mastered it makes dicing go lightning fast. And holy cow was she right!!! Am I allowed to share? Do you have to buy the book to find the light of dicing truth? I dunno so if you want to know, email me and I'll tell you the secret!

Can you dice onions lightning fast? I can! Also, the same technique applies to almost anything you can dice. I used it a couple days later when I made my Step-Dad's Red Beans & Rice for the onion, celery and bell pepper. YOWZA! I want to cook more stuff just so I can dice it, or dice just for the hell of it!! I AM DICING LORD! *plugs cheesy Toph reference*

That being said, I am now on cooking fancy French recipes break due to a lack of funding. Yes I await the ever elusive payday. Until then, I'll be reading and writing as usual. I have no new books to read aside from my cookbook I just bought, so it's back to the bookshelf to see what I haven't read in a while, or skipped over.

Happy Sunday! I'll be digging in for the forthcoming snow on the way. Have a safe week!

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