Monday, March 28, 2011

Moses, Haplo & Awesomeness

I have to give a shout out to my friend, Moses Siregar III today. Why? Because he mentioned me and my love of Haplo from the Death Gate Cycle series by Weis & Hickman in his latest Podcast on Adventures in SciFi Publishing. Listen here...

Also, if you haven't gotten his novella, THE BLACK GOD'S WAR, what are you waiting for?? Go download it and read it because it is awesome!!!

Holla, Moses! Can't wait for your full novel to drop!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead."

Want to see something beautiful? How about some nice homemade from scratch cookie dough?

Yummy. This batch was my daughter's idea: White Chocolate & Butterscotch. She's a smart girl.

Do you need to know what it looks like cooked? Ok I won't tease you:


Sorry but I can't give ya the recipe. It's my one big secret. Don't feel bad, I won't even tell my family. A girl's gotta have one ace up her sleeve, eh?

It's a rainy wet day so we're in here just cooking away!

Peace out ;)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Butter Opens Doors....and stomachs. But may clog arteries.

I've been a busy bee cooking like it's 1999. I've been stuck in the house with my kids because they're all sick, and I kept asking IT Guy to pick me up some stick butter. You know, since I can't go to the store with children hacking up the croup and puking the flu. Well, finally he remembered!!

And so I made these....Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies....

I made this....Chicken Pot Pie....This is before cooking...

And this is the big daddy cooked....

So much pot pie! And cookies!! And butter. Yummy. Needless to say, IT Guy has been quite pleased with my culinary creations, and his decision to finally remember my butter.

Oh and look at the killer Chicken & Roast Beef Sammie I made for lunch yesterday with my awesome bread....

I've been posting these pictures as well on my personal Facebook page, and my family is all asking me to mail them things. Should I? How do I even mail food?

Do I smell a home bakery brewing??


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Best thing since air: Homemade Bread. Also, check out Moses Siregar III

I promised pics of my homemade bread if it turned out well, and man did it ever turn out!! I've never tasted bread so DE-LIC-IOUS!! I feel like I've been ripped off all these years in the taste bud department with store bought bread!!

Needless to say, I do believe I'll be making my family's bread from now on. If I could just find mini bread pans for IT Guy's (that's my husband's designated new nickname, stay with me here) hoagie sandwiches he likes to take to work. Oh, look I found some! Ok, then!

And if you're in the mood to read some killer new fantasy from a new author, check out Moses Siregar III's novella, The Black God's War. It's only $0.99 for kindle and it's worth it!! I am really looking forward to the release of the whole novel. His writing style so far is compelling, fresh and intelligent. And his characters are pretty freakin sweet, too.

Ok, I'm out. Ghost!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blue Cakes, Pink Mustangs and Croup. Oh, and flu. And a Sys Admin!

Hello! I have been very busy the past few weeks and haven't updated my blog, and thus I apologize. However, I have had good reason to be absent! My daughter's 5th birthday party was a couple weeks ago, and with that came hosting and out of town guests. I was required to make her cake this year (by order of her highness) and did that as well. It wasn't the most beautiful cake, but it was damn good!

Here it is: "Blue Strawberry Birthday Cake with Blue Sprinkles"

The cake was a hit, and so were her gifts. She even knew that this present she was opening was a baby doll-that she picked out at the store, no less- and feigned excitement. I have to say I am proud of her acting skills.

The hit of the day was her long coveted Pink Mustang, which I was able to get for her with the help of my entire family. Seriously do Power Wheels really need to be $300? Anyway my 2 year old son loves being chauffeured in it now:

So after all that died down, then the kids started getting sick. My daughter and youngest son got a bad cough, then fevers and a doc visit revealed an ear infection in my toddler. And croup in both of them. My toddler's state was worse off so he was prescribed an oral steroid for his lungs and antibiotics for his ears. And let me tell you that terrible two's (which his aren't usually that bad, but he has his moments) mixed with roid rage is NOT cool. Wow, I have never seen a little dude get so mad and start chucking his cars around because you told him to wait one sec on the juice refill cause you're elbow deep in a sink of dishes. Glad that script is gone!! My daughter seems to be coping with it better, but gets intermittent fevers and lethargy which are really weird. She's fine one second, and then suddenly falling asleep and has a fever. My oldest son, who is in first grade had managed to avoid all this so far, until last night....

And he doesn't have croup. No, he has the flu. He started to run a fever last night shorty before bedtime. We gave him some Motrin and thought ok, maybe he's getting the croup too. Well, about midnight last night, I'm taking a shower and suddenly hear a loud "Thud!" from the kids' bedroom. Then I hear hubby scrambling and walking urgently across the house between the kids' room and the kitchen. Meanwhile, I'm trying to hurry up so I can help because I'm wondering what the hell is going on in there. I get out and WOW, the smell almost knocked me over. That poor dude got sick, from his top bunk, puked most of it onto his baby brother's toddler bed (but managed to actually miss said toddler) jumped over the puke pile, and ran to get Daddy. I cleaned up the boy while hubby cleaned up the mess, and I'm throwing various things in the washer as he's handing them off to me. I almost puked about 10 times. Yeah, it was like that. HORRIBLE!!! Oh the joys of parenting! And may I mention how thankful I am for adult immune systems? So far I've only had a sore throat. Yay! Maybe that antibiotic I took earlier in the month for my sinus infection helped me out.

And so here I am, nursing 3 sick children who are all laying around watching movies. And I'm cooking to ease my boredom. If my first attempt at homemade bread turns out, I may post it here!

OH!!!!! Hubby got promoted at his work to System Administrator. He got a raise, an iPad, and they're going to start paying for our internet and his cell. Score!!!! I am so proud of him, after almost 12 years in generally the same positions, he's finally gotten that promotion he deserves. You go, sexy! Your wife thinks you rock.